Friday, January 8, 2010


After almost 2 months of “perfect attendance”, I forgot my retainer this morning.  Hopefully I survive until the end of the day.  I’m too far from home to go back, but I feel “naked” without it.  I am one of those odd people that really likes their retainer – I feel more secure with it!


Other than that, all is well.  Loving the braces-free life!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Ananda,

Hope you haven’t been forgetting to wear your aligners again! Don’t want to waste all that hassle with your oral surgery and braces treatment now do we. Just looking over some of your before and afters and I have to say the results are great. Well worth the effort of going with the treatment, and a great example to others of how this treatment can greatly improve a patient’s smile. But make sure you keep wearing those darn retainers!

I am writing to you as I was wondering if you would provide a link to the possibly along with your Damon Braces link, which the CDG site also has info on. This would give you and your users access to a range of dental information.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Guide is the leading provider of cosmetic dental information online in the UK and the most visited in the world, and includes a forum as well as an expert answers section, so if you have any questions then feel free!

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Once again just to say congrats on the results.