Monday, October 26, 2009

In the chair

Blogging from the orthodontist chair - my new phone rocks.  Upper debanding next Tuesday!

Monday, October 5, 2009

and on and on and on

Meh.  5 more weeks.  Well, 3 weeks to check on my progress – Dr. Weber wants to see two teeth on the right side move a little closer together.  Then another week until they take off the top brackets.  Then yet another week until they have my retainers ready, at which time they will take off my bottom brackets, and I’m done. 

I had sort of hoped to have these things off before our big Halloween show, but oh well.  Better to get them as good as possible than to rush for vanity’s sake (yeah, still trying to convince myself of that!).

The receptionist asked me if there was any particular food that I was craving.  I thought that was odd – I suppose she meant hard or chewy candy or something, especially since it’s October and so close to Halloween and all the sticky food that goes along with this creepy holiday…  I told her hot wings – I haven’t been able to eat them well, without pulling the meat off the bones.  But then again, at the point, I hadn’t have breakfast yet, so anything sounded great!