Thursday, October 30, 2008

Since I got my braces on, I’ve been marking the days off in my planner.  Today is Day 297.  Wow!  Doesn’t that seem like a long time?  Then I was flipping through my to-do list/general note-taking notepad that I keep in my purse and I found my notes from the original appointment with my orthodontist, Dr. Weber – it was over a year ago that I had my initial diagnostics done (Oct 16).  Time is really flying by…just wish it would go a little faster! :-#

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the pain, the pain

Ugh. 5 bottom braces crow-barred off and reattached. My jaw hurts so
bad right now, and it's been two days (and many many ibuprofen)! And
to add insult to injury, I spaced on the state of my molars yesterday
and packed a salad for lunch. Um, yeah, can't chew that! :P

I hope everyone is having a better week than me!

Sorry, thought I'd whine to someone else besides my husband... :(

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


OK, I’m sure this is weird, but does anyone else just adore red peppers?  I’m been munching on them all morning.  They are crunchy without being too hard – perfect when you really need that texture, but won’t hurt your teeth.  And they’re tasty! J 


No new orthodontic news…  I have my new appt on the 14th to move some bottom brackets around, but other than that, my mouth is pretty boring at the moment…